Finally Back!
Hi there! Big, big apologies for being MIA. Basically, my blog was acting up when I was stateside, and I couldn't seem to figure it out, and now that I'm finally back home, it seems to be ALMOST fine.
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Sorry, loves! My server is experiencing some issues which means my posts are getting delayed/not working the way I want them to for y'all! That's also why you're seeing Latin (literally) on the screen, because we're doing a bunch of test runs!
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1 Skirt, 3 Ways
Before I get into the main topic for this post, I wanted to mention I safely made it to the States, and I’ll be here for a bit spending time with family! So, apologies for being a little slow on here - I think I’m finally over my jet lag and settled in. I feel so fortunate that I can pop over here for an extended period and just get quality time with some of my favorite people - #trulyblessed.
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Dupatta Creations Update + New Dresses
I promised y’all I had a few more dupatta experiments coming up, and I managed to get one of them done!
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Recipe // Cherry Tomato Pizza
I can’t take credit for this recipe or even making it, but it was just so delicious so I had to share!
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Shifting Gears
I admit, the title of this post is a little misleading. I wanted it to be catchy, and what's that thing that everyone is talking about now - click bait type? I should probably do a little more research before I start spitting out techie terms. I'm definitely not shifting gears, so no, this is not some sort of an announcement about how my blog is taking a different direction/approach. Now that that's out of the way, moving on to the real topic
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Ikat Swing Dress
Twirly, summery, fusion-y, cool. Just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of this adorable dress.
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Sugarbox Review
It’s so ironic, but I guess all these monthly subscriptions became more popular once I left Atlanta. I feel like I never really heard about Birchbox or Influenster or Rocksbox before 2010, and now all of a sudden, they’re THE THING to do. Clearly, I was/am missing out :(
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Date Night
If you read my Instagram Roundup post from a few weeks ago, you might have seen the very last photo and how I pretty much marked that as my favorite one of the bunch.
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Client Diaries #4
Don’t get me wrong - ALL my client diary posts are special, but this one is super special.
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