Sugarbox Review

Sugarbox Review

It’s so ironic, but I guess all these monthly subscriptions became more popular once I left Atlanta.  I feel like I never really heard about Birchbox or Influenster or Rocksbox before 2010, and now all of a sudden, they’re THE THING to do.  Clearly, I was/am missing out!

Unfortunately, I can’t take part in these fun monthly boxes now that I live in India, but I totally still love following them and seeing what people receive/review.  Maybe one of these trips back home, I can manage to order one and try it out - fingers crossed!

Recently, I came across Sugarbox (while totally wasting time and probably stalking someone through someone through someone…can you see me biting my lip in a nervous manner? Ha!) and was so excited to find out that they have multiple options to subscribe/try out their service.

I immediately jumped on it and ordered my first box.  Luckily, they have an option that doesn’t require you to immediately sign up for months at a time.

They prefer to send you the box right at the end of the month, so you finish off on a happy note - I like this little touch!

I was really excited the day mine came in the mail, and I opened it as soon as I had a few minutes to myself.  Packed with a red bow and all - nice!

If you follow me on Snapchat, I took y’all through the opening, and now I wanted to share some more details/photos.

Item 1:
I’ve been looking for a mini-backpack like this - I personally feel it’s a little too kiddish for me (and don’t get me wrong, I love all things teenager - I think I’m still stuck at 15 sometimes!), but I probably won’t be using it.

Item 2:
These pin buttons are adorable - currently the in thing, right?  Again, don’t think I’ll be using them though - just not sure they’ll go with many of my commonly used items.

Item 3:
LOVE!  Been needing a to-go tea/coffee mug, and I’m obsessed with pineapples!  Also, the #chichappens is the cherry on top! SPOILER ALERT - it was broken :(  More on this below!

Item 4:
Hmmm. I was torn on this one.  Love that it’s a cold shoulder, not crazy about the text and wearing it out in public (I don’t know, with all the loose use of the word depressed these days and the things you hear about people, it just didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth - I know, it’s just a shirt, but oh well).  It’s definitely comfy though - I’m already using it to sleep in!

Item 5:
Again, torn on this one.  Love the choker - another totally in thing, but the lip pendant?  Sorry to say, I’ve already taken it off, and I’ll most likely use the choker now!  Win-win!

Item 6:
I’m really feeling the mini lipsticks and bright colors, but I have no idea about the brand.  I have super sensitive skin, and I’m trying to use products that I’ve heard a lot about from other bloggers/experts, so wah, wah, wah - probably won’t be using these either…

Item 7:
Honestly, I didn’t even open these.  They look like some sort of sweet cookie/biscuit, and I already gave them away - figured someone else will enjoy them more than me for sure.

All in all, a solid effort was made.  I did feel the majority of the items were meant for a younger person (maybe I missed the memo on how these boxes are geared for a certain age group, but I’m not that old am I?!).

As I said above, the pineapple mug was broken, but as soon as I contacted them, they were already in the process of sending me another one (and I’m really, really, really big on customer service, and I feel like you rarely get it on this side of the world, so this was HUGE for me).

The verdict?  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be ordering another box anytime soon.  I’ll definitely continue following them and keep my eye out for a new edition and we’ll see what happens.  I do like the fact that you can buy items from their site from previous boxes if you really like/want something - good idea!  Again, all opinions are my own, and just because I may not order doesn't mean someone else shouldn't try it out!  Might work better for you than me :)

Anyone on this side of the world know of other monthly subscriptions I can try out?  I’m all ears!

Hope you have a great week!

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